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American Dyestuff Adds Full Line of Fluorescent Pigments

We are pleased to announce the addition of a full line of Fluorescent Pigments to our product line.

The four ranges of the Ameperm DGF line include colors for Plastics, Coatings, Textiles, Graphic Arts, Inks, Water, and Solvent-based Dispersions. View our Fluorescent Pigments »

New Specialty Solvent Dyes from American-DyStar

New Specialty Solvent Dyes from American-DyStarWe are the exclusive representative of DyStar for Solvent Dyes from Germany. You may have applications where their products could be used when high fastness is required.

They have four new yellows, registered in the United States, with better fastness than other colors on the market depending on the application and resin. They offer some of the Macrolex (Bayer/Lanxess) colors such as the Red H plus three unique reds, all of which are now registered in the U.S. View our DyStar Product List »